9 responses to “Alectryon excelsus”

  1. Pygge

    I agree, the eyeball was the first thing I thought of – a zombie eyeball 🙂 Great photo!!

  2. P

    The fruit reminds me of the red fruit of Taxus baccata, or English Yew, with its deadly black seeds. Ir the red aril edible?

  3. Morrison

    NZ forest garden !

  4. Bonnie

    Indeed an eye! 🙂

  5. Jessica

    Yep. It looked like a red eyeball to me, too. I guess I’ve been watching too much of “The Walking Dead”. LOL

    Thanks for the interesting article. I also looked up and learned what “imparipinnate” means. Thanks for that! It’s always a good day when you learn something new. 😀

  6. Dick Jensen

    Wonderful photo. My first thought was of the fruits of Paullinia cupana, an Amazonian tree also in the Sapindaceae. The fruits of this tree have an even greater resemblance to an eye (the aril is white instead of red). The seeds are used to make guarana, a caffeinated “tea” very popular in Brazil and elsewhere. To see Paullinia fruits, go to Google, enter guarana, and look at the images that come up.


    What a sight to behold if all the branches had one of these on the ends. Lovely photo.

  8. Anna Lambe

    Say what you will, I know perfectly well that’s a tentacled monster’s eyeball!

  9. Crozat

    looks like some animal giving birth…

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