8 responses to “Struthiopteris spicant”

  1. Richard Windsor

    Interesting, this suggests that all the common Blechnums in Australia except B. penna-marina are now something else 🙂
    More reading needed!

  2. Eike Jablonski

    New to me too! Another change of labels… Thanks for all that info!

  3. PAT

    Thank you for the update

  4. lynn

    I’m fond of this fern, too – the upright reproductive fronds are beautiful with the others spread around them, often, as you note, on the side of paths in our area. If I understand correctly, the name change is based on studying/thinking about morphological differences?

  5. Rhoda Maurer

    One of my favorite ferns seen in abundance from living in the PNW (and seeing other species in NewZealand and Chile) before moving to Ithaca, NY. While I cannot grow this fern here at Cornell Botanic Gardens, I appreciate the update on the nomenclature and link to the British Pteridological Society site.

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