5 responses to “Salvia microphylla”

  1. Clement Kent

    One of my favorite Salvias! Many of the naturally occurring Salvia x jamensis are wonderful flowers, although sadly not hardy (for me) in Toronto.

  2. Lynne Brookes

    The salvia “hotlips” is a hummingbird magnet and very popular in the Wildlife Garden at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington on Vancouver Island. (Red hotlips on R side of image at bed edge above 1st blue pot). Also, I’ve noticed over the years that this salvia with red and white bi-coloured petals produces either more white or more red flowers over its long blooming period depending on temperature. Love your website!

  3. lks

    In the little village were I grew up this beatiful salvia is call ‘perrito’, because it resembles a puppy´s face (or so we used to thought). Each flower has a drop of nectar and is popular no just among the hummingbirds! Greetings from México and thanks for this wonderful website!


    Thank you for the truly beautiful photo of this glorious red flower. I need to see some green leaves to remind me that spring is just around the corner (a bit earlier for us in southern Maryland). I look forward to seeing this in our gardens this year.

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