16 responses to “Querétaro Flower Medley”

  1. Anne Kivari

    Lovely photo and a place close to my heart!

  2. Bonnie

    You are so fortunate to be educated to know the species. Lovely picture. 🙂

  3. Karl Goerz

    Excuse me if I’ve missed, what time of year was the photo taken?

  4. Hallie Anderson

    I have Tagetes all over my garden and love their cheerful blooms. The reseed themselves and manage to thrive in our ongoing drought!

  5. Jo

    Delightful! Thank you.

  6. Linda Bush

    Gorgeous colour! Just what’s needed in the middle of a Manitoba winter! Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of the Mexican flora.

  7. Ann Kent

    Thank you, Daniel, what a colourful post to brighten a chilly, Vancouver day. I am often amused by how a call of nature affords a closer view and time for reflection upon botanical specimens; though still recall, when I was very young, planting myself at dusk too close to a patch of stinging nettles – never a problem again with their ID.

  8. Kathy

    What a happy place for pollinators!

  9. R Parker

    Daniel, I can always spot one of your images before I read the attribution. I open the page and say, “Wow, what a wonderful photo!” And it is yours. Thank you for a wonderfully bright collection of blooms. I am so glad you took advantage of the opportunity.

  10. Nadia

    beautiful picture

  11. Eve Harrison

    Nature responds when nature calls. If only humans could showcase their diversity in such harmony as do these flowers.

  12. Susan Gustavson

    Cheerful sight on a snowy day in Portland, Oregon. Winter is NOT over here, alas. Thanks.

  13. Jonathan

    Great photo! I appreciate the nod, in this post, to ornamental horticulture.

    With a different set of plants, our urban gardens in the NE US often emulate a similar medley for a late summer to fall show using (for example) purple asters with helianthoides/rudbeckia, and echinacea. This medley would not be out of character on the “High Line”

  14. lynn

    Wow Daniel, you must have been in heaven – I would be! I had no idea when I first opened the email that this was taken on a roadside. One reads that these species grow in Mexico, one sees them in gardens here in the states, but this! All by themselves! Thank you.

  15. Moya Drummond

    On a day like this [Feb21/2018] several inches of snow in “The Tropic of Ladner, BC!!!! Super-wonderful-delicious. Great info also. Thanks Daniel. ~ Moya

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