9 responses to “Pseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca”

  1. Trella

    Wow, I have never seen a Douglas fir cone that looked like this, at least not here in the Northwest! But I have never looked at one from the bottom up either. Very interesting!

  2. Chris N

    That is one crazy cone. It is as pretty as a flower.

  3. Nancy

    Wonderful photo, thanks!

  4. Rober Roggeveen

    Wonderful look at a cone. I will have to seek out these trees when next I am at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. The var. glauca manages to manage our harsher New England winters.

  5. Rhoda Maurer

    One of the distinctive trees from the pacific northwest, we can grow Douglas fir in the right niche of our zone 6 climate in central NY at Cornell Botanic Gardens. And as common this species is as Christmas tree grown in local NY farms, it’s a shame that most people here in NY only know this sheared image and not the beautiful grace of natural forms.

  6. lynn

    What a wonderful, fun view from underneath that cone, it’s a delightful image. Reading that this wasn’t the Douglas-fir I’m familiar with, and that the bracts are more flexed, explained a lot. It’s surprising that the names distinguishing the two species weren’t settled until the 50’s, given that the Pseudotsugas are such important trees. I just read in the Wikipedia entry the reason for the hyphen – I knew this wasn’t a true fir but now I get the reason for the hyphen – it should have been obvious, but as they explain, it’s not always used either, just to add to the general confusion. If only someone had come up with an “independent” name, instead of using fir, and false hemlock.

  7. Sandy Martin

    Wow! I love this site and all the work is put into it to keep it going. I could never see all the wonderful things of nature as are shown here. The Douglas fir cone picture today was wonderufl! Thanks so much!

  8. Denis Dooley

    Fantastic photo!

    I have one of these in my front yard. I may have to try grafting it to some of its wild brethren that volunteer themselves all over my property.


    Spectacular photo. Thank you.

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