11 responses to “Pamianthe peruviana”

  1. Amy

    “…growing requirements as if it were an epiphytic orchid or bromeliad.” Seriously? When I was a child my mom had one in the ground in the back yard, in a bed next to the east wall of the house. She also had an Aztec lily there, and both bloomed every year. We lived in Riverside, CA.

  2. Linda

    What a stunner!

  3. Nadia


  4. Therese Romer

    What a lovely photo ! And thank you, always, for your interesting texts, and readers’ comments.
    So much to discover, far and near !

  5. Nette

    Gorgeous! At first glance, the photos of this flower by Nhu Nguyen look a lot like hymenocallis.

  6. Sue Frisch

    Great photo! This is something I fell in love with from another picture and have been wishing for a plant ever since. Googling only turned up seeds for sale…anyone know a source of bulbs?

  7. Wendy Cutler

    Here is a photo of the photographer holding a very impressive-looking potted specimen. https://www.flickr.com/photos/renestalder/8450187461/in/photosof-renestalder/

  8. Coral Wolrige

    My bulbs grow in the ground in Toowoomba Qld, Australia, tolerate extreme heat and cold (not frozen ground) and flower beautifully every year. The plant in the photo I am going to try and upload has more buds, looks like another four. Let me know if this is not the same plant as above please.

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