8 responses to “Jateorhiza macrantha”

  1. Nette

    Hi, I’ve watched half a dozen videos and liked all of them. (BTW one of them was your own Dominic Janus.) I wasn’t sure what the mechanism is to vote. Does a “watch” count as a vote? That would suggest that just the still “teaser” which draws one in is the primary factor in determining worthiness for the prizes.

  2. Loison bernard

    Bonjour Daniel.
    Existe t’il des photos de cette liane ? Je n’en ais pas trouvé sur internet.

  3. lynn

    The association with Devil’s Cluib is interesting, I can see it – maybe it’s not convergent evolution, but it’s interesting to make those connections. I struggle to imagine eating those hairy fruits – maybe people peel the skin off somehow.

  4. Dana D

    I was a bit surprised that you have not featured a plant from Menispermaceae as it is quite common in my landscape as Cocculus caroliana. I can see the similarity with the seed clusters, but my plant has shiny leaves and berries. The birds do eat the berries, but I don’t know if it is first choice. Also, if it is in an undesirable location, good luck getting rid of it as it resprouts from very deep roots.

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