6 responses to “Fritillaria liliacea”

  1. Mark Egger

    Yes, a great genus and definitely deserving more attention in California and elsewhere. I’m hoping to see some of them in a planned trip to central CA in early April.

  2. Therese Romer

    What a lovely picture ! Thank you, Daniel.
    I love fritillaries, but all the ones we can grow here in Quebec fall prey to that pretty, ferocious Lily beetle, Crioceris. Is the fragrant fritillary also susceptible ?

    1. Ginny

      I’m just a gardener, but everything I’ve read suggests that all members of the Liliaceae are susceptible to red lily beetle, including all Fritillaria. Perhaps the beetle has not yet reached California, but as you know there are plenty of them here in northeastern North America.

  3. Fanny @ Green Thumbs Up inc, (lived in Montreal and now in Northern California)

    I’m presently designing the garden of a 90% sustainable home, included will be animals, and plants at risk of extinction. Thank you for featuring this stunning fritalleria…you have inspired me to use massing of them in several spots.

  4. Kristen S

    I don’t think there’s a Fritillaria I don’t like!

  5. Trella

    What’s not to like about this delicate, sweet smelling beauty! I would be happy to have this in my garden. Are they available in nurseries anywhere in the Northwest, I wonder?

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