7 responses to “Yucca baccata”

  1. Mark Binder

    Sony Alpha series?

  2. Bonnie

    We have a lot of Century plants and yucca around this area. Sharp points.

  3. lynn

    Having just returned from the Mohave desert, this is a timely BPOD. We saw way more Mohave yuccas than these, and of course it wasn’t the right time of year for flower OR fruit, sadly. Mark asks if you got a Sony – I want to know what you decided on, too! I’m happy with my Olympus mirrorless, which is small enough, very flexible, and even “weather resistant,” which came in handy when it rained in the desert. So far, it’s gotten fairly wet with no issues.

  4. DrBob

    Native americans plaited the fibers on the leaf margins into stout cord used to make sandals.

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