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  1. Wendy Cutler

    Is this the same as Kalanchoe tomentosa? That’s what I thought this was when I first saw the photo, and the few flowers shown on a search of each look the same to me, but Wikipedia gives common names of panda plant, pussy ears and chocolate soldier for the Kalanchoe, and neither article references the other botanical name or common names. The description for Cotyledon says orange flowers, but photos on a query and the first link show white flowers. If they are different, is there some reliable page that shows Kalanchoe tomentosa flowers, or that distinguishes the two?

    1. John Chau

      Hi Wendy,
      Those are two different species. Cotyledon generally has 5-parted flowers, whereas Kalanchoe has 4-parted flowers. I was able to find some good photos of Kalanchoe flowers here:

      1. Wendy Cutler

        Very helpful, John. Thank you very much.

  2. Knox M. Henry

    Excellent photo with good resolution. interesting write-up. Thanks.

  3. Frieder Kommoss

    Very beautiful – great photo, thanks.

  4. Nadia

    Wonderful flower

  5. Pamela Smith

    That was really fun! did not know there was a Cotyledon genus! Thank you for posting!

  6. John Rusk

    Thanks for selecting my photo. It is a much appreciated honor.

  7. Janeal Thompson

    Beautiful plant, beautiful photo and great article. Thanks for sharing.

    Lamar, CO

  8. Katherine

    I’ve seen the plant before, but this photo is really perfect for illustrating why it is called bear’s paw.
    Thanks for such elucidation!


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