12 responses to “Brassica oleracea Botrytis Group ‘Romanesco’”

  1. Jane Campbell

    Beautiful! And painting those fractals was both a fun and maddening challenge when I did this watercolor study of a Romanesco. Needless to say, by the time I finished painting, it was no longer fit for eating,v so I had to purchase another to see how it tasted.

    1. Stu


  2. DrBob

    Well done to you both! I have tried and failed many times to grow Romanesco in my winter garden here in California. Nothing I have grown has been so visually compelling (but it was tasty).

  3. Joan B

    Fascinating plants! Like weird science fiction, but real and even edible. Great photos and info. And Jane, your painting is truly gorgeous!

  4. Gail Kern

    Oh so tasty and easily grown here on PEI. One can get lost staring at the endless pattern.

  5. lynn

    The photos show the pattern beautifully, and what a charming painting Jane did – love the colors, and the way the leaves encircle the head. I have yet to try it –

  6. Christine

    Just a week ago, some of the comments on a clue in a Guardian cryptic crossword went into detail about fractals with several interesting links that led to photos of ‘Romanesco’. Is it just a coincidence that this post appeared soon after, or is there a fellow solver at UBC? (The answer to the clue, by the way, was “Mandelbrot Set.”)

  7. Tara Moreau

    Amazing photo.

  8. Julie Sanderson

    I believe this plant was on a dinner table scene in one of the Star Wars movies, makes a very good “alien” looking food. I too have tried to grow it, very challenging, and needs a cooler climate than mine.

    1. LuDean Marvin

      Damn… now I’m going to have to see them all again to find it? I guess that can’t be all that bad.

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