4 responses to “Anemone occidentalis”

  1. Rick

    Another whimsical name I learned while working as a backcountry ranger at Mt. Rainier: “Tina Turner flower”.

  2. Steve Edler

    In the video, this is called Pasque Flower. We have our own Pasque flower in England, Pulsatilla vulgaris originally Anemone pulsatilla. It has a similar seed head. The Pasque refers to Easter ie Pascal.

    Excuse lack of italics, I don’t know how to change the text.

    1. Sue Frisch

      To me, the leaves of A. occidentalis and P vulgaris look very similar and I found myself thinking “pulsatilla” when first looking at the top photo, as well as the video.

      And on another subject, the BPotD authors are so good at linking to other places to learn more…thank you!

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