8 responses to “Suillus cavipes”

  1. Scott Dilatush

    That is probably the most interesting and beautiful photo that I’ve ever seen. I’m blown away.

    1. Kathy Whitley

      You are so right Scott, it’s gorgeous. Forwarded it to a friend in Washington.

      1. Tom Wilmore

        Nice photo! Thanks Kathy.

  2. lynn

    Two days ago, while walking in a county Natural Area outside Seattle that has wetlands, forest and a sphagnum bog, I heard branches breaking back in the woods. It was a lost mushroom hunter who’d finally found his way back to the old logging trail. There was snow on the ground, he was soaked from head to foot, and muddy, and he could hardly feel his fingers. For that, about 8 chanterelles lay in the bottom of his basket. It’s a tough world sometimes!
    This photo is striking for the setting, with the bolete emerging from such a nicely textured bed of moss, lichens and ground cover, the perfectly captured pores and wavy cap, and the even light. Just gorgeous!

  3. Judy Sinclair

    Absolutely splendid photo of this colourful Suillus. Cheers to Pieter van Heerden!

  4. Denis

    I see I’m not the only one that came to comment on the photographic composition. The orange and yellow of the fungus goes so well with the grays and greens of the mosses and other plants around it, along with the textures and the lighting. Wow.

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