3 responses to “Heliotropium foertherianum”

  1. David Tarrant

    Brings back many happy memories of visits to the Hawaiian islands over the years. Especially Kauai.
    Always amazed how these tender and delicate looking trees can stand the salt winds, and how they quickly recovered after hurricane Iniki on Kauai 26 years ago!
    Thanks for the beautiful shots.

  2. Wendy Cutler

    One of the ethnobotanical uses David Eickhoff mentioned is for treatment of ciguatera fish poisoning. Checking that out was one scary read, particularly the suggestion quoted in Wikipedia that “ciguatera outbreaks caused by warm climatic conditions in part propelled the migratory voyages of Polynesians between 1000 and 1400”.

    I’m enjoying the image, though, as I’ll be back to O’ahu in 21 days.

  3. Dénes dr. Szieberth

    Yes, Heliotropium europeum L. is a common weed in Europe. The picture attached has been taken in Central Hungary.

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