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  1. Marilyn Brown

    My husband’s aunt called these “Autumn Crocus,” and she bought a bulb each fall. She loved them because a bulb could be set on a windowsill and before long, an exquisite blossom would emerge — no soil, no water required — we only needed to pay attention. She would have loved these refreshing photos.

    1. eleanora

      thanks will try this year No water no soil ? amazing.


    we have these in our gardens in S. Maryland. They are a lovely golden yellow and blend with our autumn foliage.

  3. Toinette Lippe

    I grow these in my Manhattan garden, and each year their glorious mauve blooms thrust out of the soil when nothing else is flowering. They are amazing.

  4. Makiri Sei

    Don’t Ramsons (Allium ursinum), similar in appearance to ramps, co-occur with autumn crocus in the wild in Europe?

  5. Linda McMahan

    These are fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing and making my morning so much better!

  6. Jane Levy Campbell

    I have had these for years in my garden in Oregon. Fortunately I found out before attempting to harvest the pollen that despite similarity and overlapping in common names, these are NOT saffron crocus which is Crocus sativus. Different genus, different family, different order. The blossoms also look different, but the common names are confusing. It’s always a good idea to research these things. If it isn’t sold specifically as a food plant, be very careful.

  7. lynn

    What a treat to see these well known garden plants growing wild! I love the way the second photo places them in their habitat.

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