6 responses to “Bistorta affinis ‘Border Jewel’”

  1. Sue Frisch

    what time of day was this taken?

    1. Dominic Janus

      Just about two hours before sunset.

      1. Sue Frisch

        It has that look. Lovely photo!

  2. Roger Rosentreter

    Exotic plants in this family are well known to be very weedy and difficult to kill. Both the rhizomatous and the distasteful, or unpalatable nature of these plants contribute little to ecosystem function. It would be better not to promote plants that do not participate in the local food webs.

  3. Morrison

    I quite enjoyed learning more about a plant I am somewhat familiar with and enjoy Imagining exotics in their homeland . Thanks!

  4. Rebecca Last

    Despite the description here referring to this plant as unpalatable, it features prominently in Stephen Barstow’s book “Around the World in 80 Plants”. His “Edimentals” website even has a recipe for perennial veggie quiche topped with dried bistort. (see: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?tag=with-dried-alpine-bistort) However, Barstow’s definition of “edible” appears to simply mean that you can eat it and it won’t kill you but some of the edible species he features do taste pretty nasty. I do so love this website, all the gorgeous photos and the great comments!

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