7 responses to “Populus trichocarpa”

  1. John nishio

    Absolutely beautiful photo. It looks so much like a painting by Claude Monet. I love ginkho trees but they do poorly in Pasadena, because of the heat, and the leaves burn up.

  2. Knox M. Henry

    Very attractive photograph! A work of art. Welcome back. Look forward to seeing some of your photographs from your trip to Mexico.

  3. Sue Frisch

    Wow! Beautiful, with the play on focus and the fabulous color! More, please?

  4. Linda Bush

    Gorgeous image! Impressionist art, anyone?

  5. lynn

    I’ve been enjoying some of your photos from Mexico on Instagram, and look forward to seeing more. This one is a fun change, with beautiful colors. I was puzzled by the discussion about oils sloughing off leaves and affecting reflections in puddles or pond water. I’d never heard of that, and haven’t (knowingly) ever seen it. The photos of it in the link to Floris’ site are amazing, but in that case it’s an actual slick of oil producing iridescence, which sounds different from what you’re talking about. I’ll have to look out for water under trees dropping leaves in fall. Do you know if most trees’ leaves produce oils that produce that effect?

  6. Pierre-Charles Crozat

    Monet came to mind immediatly!

  7. Perry Kneedler

    There is so much light visually and mentally in this photo. Probably one of my all – time favorites. My husband and daughter are very talented photographers and I watercolor – to qualify the comment.
    Perry Kneedler

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