5 responses to “Phragmidium sp.”

  1. Denis

    “There’s something visually appealing about the striking contrast of bright orange fungi…”

    Actually, no. I couldn’t help but cringe the instant I saw this photo. But, that has more to do with knowing what I was looking at and what it meant to the rose.

    1. Susanne

      same reaction here 🙂
      immediately thought about what to use for control measures …..

  2. Sue

    Such an interesting name: Phragmidium.
    Is it a reference to how pragmatic the fungus is, in not killing the rose it feeds from?

    1. Doug

      Not even close.

      It is from scientific Latin phragma from ancient Greek ϕραγματ-, ϕράγμα fence, screen, plus -idium (a diminutive suffix) from Latin from Greek ἴδιον.

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