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  1. Albertine Ellis-Adam

    I am puzzled by the epithet: the flowers on the picture seem to show both anthers and stigmata; are the latter not functional in this specimen?

    1. Ronaldo

      That’s a good question, i’m a lay man but i thought there was no dioicism in cactii

    2. David W. Eickhoff

      Not sure when Mammillaria dioica was given the specific epithet. But, some botanists base the descriptive names on incomplete or misidentified information.

      An example is Paphiopedilum micranthum. The specific epithet, micranthum, small or tiny flower, is not really morphologically correct since the flowers of this species are some of the largest in the genus. Apparently, the first descriptions in 1951 were based on a deformed or an uncharacteristically small flowered specimen. The name stuck even to this day.

      Just one of many misnomers.

      All that said, this is a beautiful plant!

    3. Daniel Mosquin

      Hello from Mexico. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia:

      “A single plant can bear both male and female flowers, from mid-spring to mid-summer. Some plants may produce bisexual flowers as well, thus totaling three types of flower on a single plant.”

  2. Love Albrecht Howard

    Why ‘Mammillaria?’ The white flowers? Or does the cut plant ‘bleed’ a milky substance?

    1. David W. Eickhoff

      Haha Love…Mammillaria suggest the plant looking like, uh well, breasts (as in mammals).

  3. Bonnie

    What a beautiful photo Daniel. Some day it will grace my desktop. 🙂

  4. Nadia

    Mammillaria wildii f. cristata
    what I have from show in VanDusen from 2014

  5. lynn

    A spectacular photograph! The flowers are beautiful, each and every spine is there in sharp detail, and best of all, there is the surprise element of – what about the roots? I guess they’re digging into the rock? A great find, Daniel, I love it.

  6. Ron Long

    Mammillaria is descriptive of the fruits which resemble nipples.

  7. Cecelia

    Thank you Daniel –what an extraordinary photo and comments are wonderful.

  8. Nette

    Stunning photo.

  9. Doug Ewing

    I guess this is what they mean when they say “between a rock and a hard place”.

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