12 responses to “Disanthus cercidifolius”

  1. R Parker

    What a stunning photo! Can you explain the lighting? It looks like you were lighting from below. Wish I could grow this species, as fall photos are simply amazing.

    1. Dominic Janus

      Thank you very much! The lighting was just late-afternoon sunlight coming from the left side of the photo. It did however have an interesting effect, where it only lit up selective areas of the foliage. Here’s another picture from the same series, with the light playing a similar role: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125466899@N04/36865073843/in/album-72157686406533941/

  2. Duke Benadom

    If you have a source for seeds, I will be delighted to grow and distribute them.

  3. Meg

    So beautiful!

  4. Ron Aakjar

    HI Dan. The only North American shrub that I can think of that has leaves that I’ve seen do this Sassafras albidum. I guess S. albidum is probably classified as a small understory tree, but I’ve seen red, orange, yellow, green and some purple all occurring on the same plant. I will admit that the colors on Disanthus cercidifolius are stunning. Thanks for the gorgeous post.

  5. Bonnie

    What a wonderful photograph!

  6. Hope

    We haven’t seen Disanthus in a long time. Does anyone know who’s growing it these days?

  7. Nancy Rose

    “…is something I’m not sure I’ve ever seen in our North American shrubs.”

    I’d have to say the fothergillas (Fothergilla gardenii, F. major, and their hybrids, F. x intermedia), all North American taxa, can give disanthus a run for the money when it comes to autumn color. Interesting that both Fothergilla and Disanthus are members of Hamamelidaceae, the witch-hazel family. Here’s a photo of F. x intermedia ‘Mt. Airy’:

  8. Anne M. Kivari

    Stunning shrub and equally stunning photo.

    Is this available anywhere in BC nurseries?

  9. Edward hessler

    How lovely, these graceful leaves growing old.

    How do you go about appreciating such beauty? I just keep trying.

    Thank you.

  10. Denis Dooley

    There is a very photogenic one at the Elk Rock Garden at Bishop’s Close in Portland.

  11. Rober Roggeveen

    I am lucky to have one example of this wonderful shrub in my garden here in Connecticut, it is a welcome addition to the already wonderful fall color here in New England.

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