7 responses to “Orlaya grandiflora”

  1. Bonnie

    As a person who admires dried flowers this would fit well in a vase. 🙂

  2. Susan Gustavson

    Very informative and a beautiful photo.

  3. Derry Watkins

    It appears that the seed pods are cracking open, but in my experience there are no seeds inside although I get good germination when sowing what looks like the seedpod. So is what looks like a seed pod really just a pair of seeds prickly on one side and loosely attached on the other?

  4. Ginny

    I grew this annual in my garden this year, and it was indeed beautiful, as well as popular with the bees and other insect pollinators. Unfortunately it appears that our season is too short (in Maine) for it to mature seed, as we’ve already had our first frost.

  5. Kathy Leishman

    I notice that seeds in the garden have germinated with rains of September. The patch has been ongoing with self seeding for three years.

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