7 responses to “Carpinus caroliniana”

  1. Sandy Feather

    One of our loveliest native trees in western Pennsylvania! Thanks for featuring it, Daniel.

  2. Deb Lievens

    Wow! C.c, is fairly common in NH wetlands and bottomlands, but I guess I’m never out at the right time to see the gorgeous leaves. Thanks for giving me a hint to go searching.

  3. Lynn Wohlers

    A stunning range of colors on this tree! Thank you for posting – your photograph really shows it off.

  4. Christine

    Congratulations on working peak, peek and pique into your opening paragraph. Oh, the photo is lovely too!

  5. Charles Tubesing

    Many individuals of C. caroliniana exhibit only yellow fall color. In recent years, a number of nurseries have introduced cultivars selected for consistent red and orange fall color, e.g. Native Flame , Rising Fire and Firespire.

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