7 responses to “Cananga odorata”

  1. Marian Gordin


  2. Meg

    Looks like something Georgia O’Keefe would like to paint!

  3. Albertine Ellis-Adam

    I failed to find out how the flowers are pollinated.

    1. Sue Frisch
  4. Ronaldo

    wow such a different flower

  5. I. hay

    Wish we had the technology to send scents via the web! Seeing it gives me longing for that fragrance – it is amazing. Great photo

  6. J.O. Faluyi

    Great photograph! The flower is like that of Xylopia aethiopica and the markings on the stem are similar to those on the stem of Monodora tenuifolia all in the family Annonaceae. The fruits of Xylopia are scented; they are used as seasoning and medicine in Nigeria.

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