6 responses to “Bossiaea eriocarpa”

  1. Mary Beth Borchardt

    The exact colors of yellow and purple are the most beautiful shades possible in the combination in that flower! Only God would be able to match them that well…
    Thanks for the beauty in the picture.
    Mary Beth

    1. michael aman

      Yes, The Universe did a pretty good job of matching up the yellow and purple

    2. Richard Mandelbaum

      God…or millions of years of natural selection / co-evolution with pollinators!

  2. Wendy Cutler

    It’s entirely possible I’m mis-remembering a scene from the ballet Carmina Burana in which many monks move around the stage for a while in their black robes, and then they fling them open to reveal their crimson linings. That’s what came to mind when I saw these flowers.

  3. Janet

    Would this plant survive on the Pacific Northwest Coast?

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