13 responses to “Acer circinatum”

  1. Denis Dooley

    These are a favorite. I once asked my wife, “if we were to move some place else, what plants would you want to try to grow to remind you of home?” Her vine maple was her first answer. They have the best fall color of any species native to Cascadia, where almost every other deciduous tree turns a beautiful shade somewhere in the yellow spectrum.

    Glad there was some upside to the smoke. It was hard on me and worse on my wife. Sore throat and an ache from the upper portion of my lungs were routine. I’m glad that’s past, at least for this year.

  2. Gunta Norman

    A very favorite of mine for being the only bright autumn red to be found here in the PNW. I’ve heard that the loggers aren’t particularly fond of it though.

  3. Paddy Wales

    A common question is, does it climb? The common name implies this, in fact, I once saw them for sale as Vining Maples at an IGA. How did get the word VINE attached to it?

  4. Bonnie

    I’ve been fascinated with vine maples since reading about them in every mystery novel about “Alpine, Washington,” by Mary Daheim. I’ve been looking for photos, but this is the most intriguing that I’ve seen. Well, the moss helps. I too want to know about the “vine” part.

  5. Max Kasper

    2500th!! Now that is something to celebrate. Many thanks for sharing beauty and knowledge.

  6. Bonnie

    What a lovely picture! I saved it for my desktop, hope it is much larger than what I see. When I click on the picture it is the same size as on the page.

  7. Bonnie

    I checked it is larger. 🙂

  8. Miriam

    Mazel tov for this landmark and thank you!!

  9. Harry Hill

    Congratulations on passing this milestone, Daniel! You should be proud. Good choice of species for the occasion. I wonder why fall colour is so variable with vine maples…

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