12 responses to “Strelitzia reginae”

  1. E Wallace

    Seen in San Diego airport

  2. Linda Paris

    Common name in Hawaii is Bird of Paradise

  3. Bonnie

    Funny but I have called this Bird of Paradise for years. Wonder what the real Bird of Paradise looks like?

  4. Pat

    Bonnie, check out the YouTube link below to see a few species of the real Bird of Paradise, “each more bizarre than the last.”

  5. Trella Hastings

    I lived in Ventura, California, as a teenager, which is on the ocean, . My dad had a lot of these planted in front of the house which faced east but got a lot of sun. They grew and bloomed all year long! So beautiful and yes, they were called Bird of Paradise! Love the feathered ones in Pat’s video as well!

  6. lynn

    It’s fun to see a plant immersed in commerce once in a while. I had no idea where they originated from, and that their range is so limited – it would be great to see a wild plant growing unimpeded and uncultivated.

    Speaking of California (above comment), here’s another view – this time with an in-camera effect though – of a Strelitzia in someone’s yard in L.A, taken in February, 2016. They’re certainly photogenic!

  7. Tamara Stromquist

    So easy to grow. I’ve had a plant growing in a big pail in my little lean-to greenhouse for years, in SW Portland, OR. Doesn’t mind being rootbound, pretty heat and cold tolerant (no rock-hard freezes ‘though.) Blooms early spring. A real exotic treat. No muss, no fuss.

  8. PAT

    Again learned something new. Bird of Paradise is not an Hawaii native like I believed. First time I saw one was in Hawaii. Now its all over the world everywhere I have been I have seen it. Even here in Toronto we sold it at the garden center as a house plant. Enjoy seeing it everywhere I go. Which reminds me I saw it in the Canary Islands many years ago with my favorite fruit tree Loquat which is a native of China.

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