4 responses to “Pachystachys lutea”

  1. Jessica

    Really lovely photo of the flowers. Again, a reminder about how beautiful things can be when we take a close look.

    Hummers must looooove those flowers.



  2. Jan W Tuinstra

    Is there a relation between Pachystachys and Justicia (betonica)?

    1. Wendy Cutler

      Pachystachys and Justicia are both in the Acanthaceae family, whose plants have flowers that may be enclosed by colourful leaf-like bracts, though that is not always the case, and many plants in this family do not give the same impression at all of having a large bract structure with flowers emerging here and there from the bract structure. But the Justicia you mentioned does have a similar sort of structure to it. The one I think looks even more similar is the shrimp plant with pink bracts – Justicia brandegeeana, that used to be called Beloperone guttata. There is even a ‘Yellow Queen’ cultivar of this; its bracts are more shrimp-like though, not so upright, and it has much paler bracts from the photos I see on the internet. I did see two photos of what looked like this Pachystachys labelled as Beloperone, but I think they were errors.

  3. PAT

    Yes agreed every green house I have visited has one. Truly beautiful it would be missed if they did not have one. For me it was the first timewas in a green house. Not to mention the other plant I have seen in every green house. Bottle brush Callistemon
    tree from Australia. My bucket list to visit Australia and see them in their natural habitat. To visit Peru and see Pachystachys lutea in Peru.

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