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  1. Adolf Ceska

    When I was doing my field work in South Bohemia, near Trebon, I found some Fistulina hepatica growing on an old oak. I prepared it as a stew. It tasted like a stew made of raw, uncooked pork fat. I must say that it is edible, but it needed an acquired taste that I did not have.

    1. Terry-Anya Hayes

      Hm, never reminded me of pork fat. Was the mushroom fresh?
      What else was in the stew?

  2. Bonnie

    I’m not a great mushroom eater but the look of this one I’d take a photo and walk on. The foraged link was very interesting.

  3. Marilyn Brown

    Uncooked pork fat — hmm. Think I’ll skip the Fistulina hepatica ! So many useful bits of information on BPOD, including culinary.

  4. Kara

    Fistulina hepatica is one of the only fungi that can be eaten uncooked. It has a lemony flavor and from my exposure is generally eaten raw in salad. This one is “juicier” than ones I have found in the mid-Atlantic, probably due to age.

  5. Teresa Sholars

    Here on the north coast of California it grows on chinquapin (Chrysolepis chrsophylla)

  6. theresa

    OK,,,lemon or raw pork fat? Can we get a third opinion on taste, please?

    1. Terry-Anya Hayes

      It is quite sour, but I don’t recall a distinctive taste so much as the limp, floppy texture — I’d seen F. hepatica displayed on foray tables, but when I finally found one myself I sliced it raw into a salad (no need for vinegar in the dressing). The resemblance to raw meat is so great that I couldn’t enjoy it. So I gave up, sautéed it in butter, and discovered the oddest thing about this very odd fungus — the more you cook it, the more raw it looks.


    I agree with Bonnie. I shall snap a photo and walk on to leave it for someone else’s enjoyment.

  8. PAT

    Lovely fungus never heard of it.
    This was great information as to what disappeared/diminished with the chestnut blight. Thank you for following up

  9. mushroom marlene

    It is truly the carpaccio of mycophagy.. I slice it paper thin then sprinkle just a bit of balsamic glaze on it. Yum, with a beautiful marbled grain, great presentation and good choice for a first course appetizer.

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