9 responses to “Erigeron stanselliae”

  1. Bonnie

    Now as just a layman I would of called that a daisy. 🙂

  2. Tracey

    When I see “Erigeron” as a species name, my interest perks! Thanks for posting. Always look forward to BPOTD


    Charming !!

  4. Gunta Norman

    We came across quite a few interesting species during a drive up in that area. One of my favorites (and I was amazed to find it in the mountains) was the pitcher plant. I was also surprised that the azaleas were still blooming at the beginning of July. Here’s hoping the fire doesn’t harm these wonderful specimens.

  5. lynn

    I’m hoping we’ll hear more about your field work – that would be great. And I’m thinking you may have seen totality, too…

  6. Bob Wilson

    I was surprised and pleased to see Ken Chambers name mentioned in this write-up. I remember taking a plant taxonomy class from him in the 1970’s at Oregon State University.

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