14 responses to “Collomia grandiflora”

  1. Jessica

    What a lovely flower. I really like the soft, muted colors with the little pop of blue.


  2. R Parker

    Kudos for catching that blue pollen. Most of the photos in the links don’t show much, if any, blue. It is hard to see even in those where the color is present. Is is something that is only that bright at a certain (short) stage of flower development?

    1. Wendy Cutler

      I was going to say – best blue anthers on the internet. I wonder if that’s rare. I’ve only found Allophyllum glutinosum and Erodium cicutarium with blue anthers. And some other blue flower with blue stamens, not quite the same.

  3. PAT

    Lovely another native to add to my list .Never heard of it before today

    Thank you for the information

  4. Marjorie Jarrett

    I am sure I will never encounter this flower in the wild, especially in the peak of colour. Thank you!

  5. Steve Marshall

    Why this is not grown much in the UK I can’t understand. It’s perfect to allow to self seed in a dry style garden, providing muted apricot colouring, on generally an upright stem. Easy to remove if there are too many.

  6. Bonnie

    lovely flower and photo.

  7. Danae Yurgel

    So so beautiful! THANK YOU.
    Again, it is lovely to see a wildflower from our area 🙂

    If you are traveling through La Grande sometime (I-84), I’d like to recommend Plantworks native plant nursery (Sandy Roth and Dick Kenton) in Cove, Oregon and GROWISER native plant conservation area (www.growiser.net ) just outside of Summerville, Oregon …

  8. Roger Rosentreter

    One common name for this plant is Salmon flower since the color of the flower is similar to the meat of the Salmon.

  9. MB Whitcomb

    I love the juxtaposing of rare and beautiful natives with coarse and spready invasives…people reeeaaalllyyy need to know the differences.

  10. lynn

    Just today I was looking at a few photographs I took of this flower in mid June, in Kittitas County, WA (east side of Cascades). All three photos have the blue pollen showing – the colors are soft, yet striking. Like you, I don’t typically make in camera enhancements, which might destroy the delicacy of this flower’s tones!


    What an exquisite bloom. We in the Mid-atlantic area miss out on some beauties. Thank you for showing them to us.

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