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  1. Nadia


  2. Pat Collins

    Local names include: Kenya, Turkana: “lokisitio”, “lokosurio”. Mali, Dogonland: (tommo soo dialect) “omolobakadma”, (dogulo soo dialect) “dululu”.

    Sap applied to heal wounds. Pieces placed either side of the boma (compound) to magically protect animals vs. theft or witchcraft. Women wear the stinky flower as decoration. Regarded as a fetish by some tribes. Said to be very poisonous and avoided by animals. In Mali the latex is used vs. new wounds, juice as a coagulant for open wounds and the powder of the upper part applied vs. boils. Contains pregnane steroid glycosides and luteolin-4′-O-β-D-neohesperidoside

    1. Stuart Adank

      Fetish Tribal Gear! This is the best!! Odd they would include it in ‘ West Tropical Africa’ Great info.. Amaseuganalo!

  3. Pat Collins

    The new Asclepiadoideae mirrors the old Asclepiadaceae except for the exclusion of what have now become two more of the subfamilies of the Apocynaceae: Periplocoideae and Secamonoideae.

  4. Debby

    I love to open to a photo that brings and instant “Yikes!”

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  6. Nette

    Wow. What an extraordinary appearance.

  7. michael aman

    I am fascinated by such great variety among the milkweed family. The scent of common milkweed is perhaps my favorite. But hoya, on the other hand, to me smells cloying and vaguely funeral-like. Not surprising that this one smells of rotten meat in order to attract flies for pollination.

  8. Elizabeth Revell

    What a stunning inflorescence! I am always fascinated by stapeliad flowers.

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