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  1. Karen Smith

    Hi Daniel, I was wondering why do you think RHS still lists it as Mahonia and not Berberis? They have it listed as a synonym. Thanks Karen

  2. Hope

    Beautiful! I’d love to try them in Chutney with mangoes, apples, or peats. Probably not possible from Connecticut.

  3. Steve Ness

    A fascinating plant for sure. The prettiest part for me are the leaves that occasionally turn red. Not just red but extremely bright waxy red that when you see it causes one to stop pick it up and look. It can be the whole plant, a stem of leaves – or just a single red leaf. Other colors might be yellow or brown.

    What causes these uncommon colors in the leaves?


    Oregon grape is sold here in nurseries and seems to thrive in a lot of gardens in southern Maryland. Some consider it should be on the “invasive plant” list.

    1. PAT

      Such a lovely native plant. Here in To it barely survives. I have tried growing it several years all die back in the winter. A friend was able to grow hers on the back her house to a large shrubs. The best specimens I have seen are in BC gardens.

  5. Pat Collins

    All the species of Berberis contain alkaloids (mostly related to berberine) that are strongly antibacterial. It is not recommended that they are taken regularly as the gut flora can be seriously compromised. The fruit usually has the lowest amounts but all the other parts that are used medicinally (leaf, root, bark, wood, flowers) should be used sparingly and infrequently.

  6. Wendy

    I wonder. Why not in Connecticut? When I first arrived in Switzerland I was amazed to see how they cherish my homestate flower. They use it brilliantly in glossy green low hedges with yellow spring flowers to rival the Mediterranean use of mimosa. Where we let it get out of hand and scraggle upwards they keep a close cut on it encouraging it into bushy and leafy growth. It really deserves its AGM.

  7. beverley bowhay

    have mixed salal berries with oregon grapes…perfect blend of tart/sweet…juice of incomparable color!

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