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  1. Pat Collins

    “Eye-winker” is apparently US slang for eyelash, “Molly” is intriguing as it may mean a prostitute, a low-class girl, a gay man before that use of gay was invented or, perhaps, refers to a molly cottontail.

    1. Denis Dooley

      The photo and your added trivia have me picturing Malcolm McDowell’s right eye in A Clockwork Orange.

  2. Bonnie

    From the photo I didn’t realize the size until reading. Interesting.

  3. Sue Van Hook

    whoa – branching out to the fungi are we? As a mycologist of 40+ years, I saw this species headline and was glad to know the fungi are eligible for your posts. Scutellinia scutellata is an all time favorite!

    I may be sending you fungi photos sooner than later.


    1. Roger Rosentreter

      Sue Sweet should know.

  4. Meg

    So glad you include fungi in your posts. Thanks!

  5. Jessica

    Thanks, as always, for a lovely photo of this pretty little fungus.

    I always enjoy your background info and, especially, the “common names”. It’s such an interesting insight into how people use or make visual associations with the plants.

    This one’s a little gem.

  6. lynn

    I appreciate the honesty of admitting you only noticed this little mushroom when it was pointed out to you – and now you’re spreading the wisdom. It seem to me there’s another very small orange mushroom that’s not this shape, but for sure I will be looking more closely now. Great photo!

  7. Perry (Mrs. Richard Kneedler) Kneedler

    Thank you for your diligent efforts, Mr. Mosquin and to everyone else who contributes. Botany has been a lifelong interest and wonder for me and time hasn’t allowed enough for that appetite. Spice of science and truth all at once!
    Perry Kneedler

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