4 responses to “Pinus pseudostrobus var. apulcensis”

  1. Jill

    Vol. II of the 2012 atlas “Conifers around the World: Conifers of the temperate zones an adjacent regions” (Zsolt Debreczy and Istvan Racz) devotes a 12 page (folio size) appendix to “Pinus apulcensis Lindley and its Tortuous Taxonomic History.” Lavishly illustrated with photos of cone variability and cone comparisons with Pinus oaxacana, as well as in-depth habitat information. It’s well worth taking at this atlas for information on all things coniferous– and photos of every species in its natural habitat.

  2. Les Plush

    I’m reminded of a tree that was in the park of the state capital in Sacramento, That is back in the 60s. It had very soft dropping needles. Downtown Sacramento is considered to be in the fringe of subtopic range and the park has many unusual trees.

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