13 responses to “Phyllodoce spp.”

  1. Nadia

    I love these plants, they are everywhere in our mountains in July-August

  2. Knox M. Henry

    Beautiful and most interesting. No complaints about your photography!

  3. Emily Schiller

    Lovely shots with great detail. Very interesting. What was the new lens?

  4. Mark Binder

    Yes, I’m curious about the lens too. Nice color rendering. Have you gone full frame? In which case, it might be the Sony 90mm/2.8 macro.
    Best regards

  5. Sandy Steinman

    Here is Phyllodoce brewerii seen last week at Rock Creek in the Eastern Sierra Nevada in California.

    1. Wendy Cutler

      This P. brewerii photo was a surprise. I just assumed the P. empetriformis had as open a shape as that genus comes.

  6. Robert Roggeveen

    A wonderful treat for eyes in Connecticut.

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