10 responses to “Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’”

  1. Bonnie

    Finding the plant around my area would be impossible. No nursery near me.

    1. Jonathan

      Bonnie, I expect these ship well as plugs, it’s a very durable plant. Maybe try Classic Groundcovers, a GA company I’ve used and been happy with in the past.

    2. PAT

      It is sold here in buckets Toronto Ontario. non native; almost sells as much as the other annuals (UGH) impatients Used in summer plantings with other annuals we sell tons in the summer. Its one of those plants like Chinese lanterns.

  2. Laurel Slaney

    The Olympic Rings were amazing. What a gardening feat.


    What a charming plant. Shall try it in S. Md. [ZONE 7-8]. A lovely contrast to so much green foliage.

  4. Judith B. Glad

    Mine has never flowered, but it spreads like crazy. One plant has covered about a square meter after ten years.

  5. Christine

    I first saw this plant about 25 years ago at Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge island, WA, where it formed a wide carpet on both sides of a shady path in the Japanese Garden. The effect was stunning.
    More recently I’ve grown it in my own garden where it seems equally happy in sun or shade.

  6. Mel

    Since it doesn’t show up well against bare ground, I’ve planted them in red pots (see attached). This also keeps it from spreading. It blooms each year (they are barely visible in the picture) followed by black fruit (seeds).

  7. Bonnie

    thanks everyone but I’m at the stage in life I can no longer plant in the ground or even my big pots.

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