13 responses to “Nitobe Memorial Garden”

  1. Laurel Slaney

    Oh my, so beautiful,

  2. Tara Moreau


  3. Susanne

    What a beautiful setting.
    Makes me mourn my Japanese irises, they bloomed nearly a month ago here in SW Missouri 🙂

  4. lynn

    What stunning evening light, with the cool greens and soft purples and lavender grays – perfect for the scene and for the subtle references. That iris screen has been a favorite of mine for decades, since I first saw it when I was in my early twenties.
    What strikes me today about this bridge style is that it forces you to stop your onward motion and be present in the moment. It slows down one’s “progress” through the garden. Just what we need!

  5. michael aman

    I love the I-R-I-S-E-S of the Carpenter poem.

  6. Ted Kipping

    Lysichiton americium in the ponds as well??? – Ted Kipping

  7. Pierre Crozat

    after a few weeks of canicule here in Lyon (France), I am definitely using this photo as my computer screen display for a bit of green! beautiful!

  8. Gabrielle

    Fantastic photo of a gorgeous garden –thank you!

  9. Joe

    Just beautiful.It looks so peaceful and calming.

  10. Therese Romer

    Oh, thank you Daniel !
    So beautiful.
    Those Japanese Irises.
    That garden and that light.
    Fond memories re-lived.

  11. chris jankot

    ah time for the japanese iris the beacons of a summer ever

  12. Sue Van Hook

    A peaceful feast for the eyes!

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