5 responses to “Mammillaria plumosa”

  1. Ronaldo Araújo

    My grandmother has one

    Daniel, whenever you want to come to know the caatinga of the northeast of brazil, be sure you have a place to stay, i see the pictures everyday!

  2. Morrison

    Hello Daniel, ive Bern following your page for a décade thanks for keeping it up! Im an American gardener in Paris, but was raised in Brazil and still visit my family regularly there. Hey y’all please count me in! I’d quite enjoy botanizing in the caatinga! Oba Ronaldo , eu moro em paris mais meus pais estão em São Luís. Aonde é que você está?
    Best regards, harriss

  3. lynn

    The Mammillaria is interesting to see, and it’s also nice to hear a bit of the UBC news. Background and context are always good!

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