10 responses to “Lupinus nanus”

  1. Anna

    I can’t look at a lupin without thinking about “Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, stealing lupins from the rich to give to the poor”. Too much Monty Python I guess : )

  2. Bonnie

    Isn’t the bluebonnet in TX in the same family?

    1. Nette

      Bonnie, yes. Bluebonnets are lupines. In fact several different species qualify as bluebonnets. Look up bluebonnet in Wikipedia for more info.

  3. Elana Benamy

    Working in a herbarium, I love that the lupines often retain their color for over a hundred years.

    1. Love Albrecht Howard


  4. Jessica

    Soooooo beautiful. I love the idea of it being used to rejuvenate depleted soil. How gorgeous that must be!

    Yes, Dennis Moore would appreciate that!

    There’s NEVER too much Monty Python! LOL

    Thanks for giving me a genuine smile, today.

  5. Mike Baird

    Well done Mike Bush!

  6. Nette

    Magnificent closeup!

  7. Barry

    I live near the coastal sage scrub areas of California and where these lupines get a toe hold they really are an amazing sight. They can be dense enough to look like a pool of deep purple blue. Often, they intermix with California poppies so you get that classic contrasting color duo, yellow orange and indigo.

  8. Deb Lievens

    Fabulous photograph. And fascinating botany.

    “Your lupines or your life” became a family catchphrase when we started visiting our daughter (and botanizing) when she moved to CA from NH. Fun to be reminded!

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