11 responses to “Fuchsia × colensoi”

  1. Jo Solliday

    Following on yesterday’s Dale-a, I’m not surprised to see Fuchsia follow it 🙂 Also, GORGEOUS shot.

  2. Jane / MulchMaid

    What an astounding Fuchsia bloom. Gorgeous!

  3. Sue Frisch

    What are the little white grains on it?

  4. Trella Hastings

    Love that color! I can’t imagine a 10 ft. Fuchsia, or its 40 parent! The hummingbirds would go bonkers over such a bush!

  5. Nadia

    Interesting plant

  6. Sue Vargas

    Exotic! I love it.

  7. Walt Bubelis

    Nice to learn of another plant named after Colensoe.

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