3 responses to “Ribes acerifolium”

  1. Jessica

    What a lovely flower and plant.

    I’ve grown a couple of domestic gooseberries and a clove currant in my little back yard, and I’m a huge fan of these charming (and sometimes very spiny) plants and their sweet/tart fruit.

    It’d be very interesting to know more about the palatability of the fruit. I would bet that, at the very least, it’s a good resource for wildlife.

    Thanks again, as always, for an interesting article and gorgeous photo.

  2. Susanne

    I love all currants but can’t get them to survive in Missouri 🙁

  3. Dana Price

    Susanne- have you tried the native Ribes missouriense (Missouri gooseberry)? USDA PLANTS shows it throughout Missouri. Ribes cynosbati (eastern prickly gooseberry) and R. aureum (golden currant) also are native in a few counties in MO.
    Here in Albuquerque NM, R. aureum is used a lot in landscaping and environmental restoration. We’re currently having a bumper crop! And they are delicious, although somewhat time consuming to pick.

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