5 responses to “Postelsia palmaeformis”

  1. Joan Skeet

    What a beautiful photograph. Thank you for the many pleasures your emails bring.

  2. Memphis Rose

    What lovely photos! I can almost smell the salt spray – refreshing! I am always amazed that plants can survive such harsh conditions. Thanks for your dedication to posting your wonderful images, Daniel! They are constant reminders of the wonders of the world we otherwise would not see.

  3. Roberta

    I just saw a video on fb that was videotaped in Sydney with a woman from BC who studies seaweed in your area. Would that have been Elaine Soulanville? She was being interviewed by a shaggy Aussie bloke named Costa. I remember the part when she told about how she became interested in seaweed. Everyone else was looking at fish, but she was attracted to seaweed.


    Incredible landscape. Plants do adapt.

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