5 responses to “Penstemon murrayanus”

  1. Anna

    It almost looks like the light is coming out of the mouth of the flower. Was this a fortuitous ray of sunlight, or were you using a flashlight? Gorgeous photo in any event! (I have a thing for Penstemon, especially the native shrubby Penstemon (currently in bloom in my rock garden). I’m always amused by the way the bees disappear when they crawl inside the flowers.)

  2. Larry

    I just acquired two plants of Penstemon murrayanus that I’ve planted in my Denver, Colorado garden in a setting much like you’ve described. Since our climates are so different, it”lI be interesting to see how they behave. I’ll keep you informed of my progress, … or lack thereof.

  3. MB Whitcomb

    Zonal denial…we all succumb to it:)

  4. Susanne

    In southwest MIssouri we have a white flowered penstemon that is making itself quite at home in my garden! I will have to try this red flowered one. considering our last few winters, I should be able to get away with that. 🙂

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