11 responses to “Pelargonium ‘Stadt Bern’”

  1. Jeanne Erdahl

    How an artful photograph of a common geranium (sic) can re-open our eyes to its beauty

    1. Flavia Bernard

      Well said.

  2. AndreaZ

    Many thanks for the link to the stunning The Story of Flowers. Such a beautiful reminder of the cyclical nature of life!

  3. Bonnie

    Mats did a lovely shot of this flower.

  4. Tiiu Mayer

    FWIW, I have two different bright red pelargaoniums that are almost indistinguishable when viewed alone. One is my ‘nice’ red, and the other one is so bright it almost hurts to look at it. If I had to choose just one, my preference would be for the quieter one. Sorry, but I don’t have the cultivar names.

  5. Susanne

    it is really hard to fotograph something bright red. the detail and shadings always seem to get lost, so this is very nice!

  6. John Grimshaw

    Thanks for the reminder! I should get it again – there’s no red to beat it.

  7. Heather Dunbar

    Is this one of those ‘balcon’ geraniums?

  8. Mats Ellting

    Thank you for posting my photo.

    It was a lucky shot, i was surprised when i saw the result,

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