13 responses to “Diplacus rupicola”

  1. Mark Darrach

    Wowser – that is one phenomenal photograph….

  2. Denis

    It almost looks like a Primula, but inhabitants the least Primula-friendly habitat on Earth.

  3. Mary Yee

    Wow, wonderful plant, wonderful photo. I had the chance to visit Anza Borrego state park in S. CA in spring 2017 and got to see some of the wildflowers that bloom there.

  4. Hollis Marriott

    Great photo, beautiful flowers!

  5. Nadia

    Can we have this at UBC garden?

  6. Meg

    Wow, imagine, this grows in Death Valley!

  7. Mark Egger

    Just an amazing photo of the best specimen ever!

  8. Bonnie

    gorgeous! I saved it for my desktop. 🙂

  9. lynn

    It must be unreal to see this blooming beauty emerging from the rocky cliff face – such a contrast! I also am intrigued by the Death Valley sage in the report. Thank you for the links – fantastic!

  10. PAT

    Hi Daniel,

    Great information I look forward to your posting

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