13 responses to “Rhododendron davidsonianum”

  1. Bruce

    Hmm. Any historic notation on what happened to the guys carrying his sedan chair in that avalanche?

  2. Bob Podgorski

    OH MY… really Interesting… Thanks, Bob
    Have a great weekend

  3. Linda

    Such an interesting story regarding the naming of a gorgeous plant!

  4. Greg Gatwood

    Who say botany isn’t exciting? This is the most interesting and action packed story to come out of ‘Botany photo of the day’ ever. I now want to research Dr. Davidson career.
    thank you for the many interesting photos and stories.
    Greg Gatwood
    Landscape Contractor
    Palo Alto, California

  5. Bonnie

    I love this plant. Grows in PA but not here in TX.

    1. Nette

      What part of Texas? Rhodies and azaleas can be planted successfully – at least in Dallas where I used to live – in a deep bed of sphagnum moss and watered regularly. Check with a nursery for full details.

  6. Therese Romer

    Such exciting botanical explorer stories — from many lands, and through at least three if not four centuries !
    And those glorious lilies and azaleas-rhododendrons we can only dream about here ! But I treasure a small Rhodora (our only native azalea) spotted among bushes at the edge of our pond in Eastman, Quebec, soon about to burst into flower. I promise to send you photos.

  7. Laurel Slaney

    Who knew Botany could be so hazardous – Douglas was also lucky on his last trip too.

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