4 responses to “Picea abies”

  1. Bliss McIntosh

    One other use of Norway spruce is to use their roots to sew up birch bark containers, canoes, etc. They are harvested from just below the surface, scraped clean of their bark, split and then coiled to be stored. Then they are soaked just before using. They are exactly the same strength as the bark, so make the perfect match. Other spruces are used as well.

  2. Marilyn Brown

    Such a generous tree !

  3. PAT

    Thank you again I learned something new. Sometimes what is right in front of you is taken for granted until seen by the eyes of some one else. Loved it.

  4. Lynn Wohlers

    Wow, you can really feel the chill in the air via this terrific photograph. Norway spruce was among the first plants I learned as a child. There was a big one behind the house I lived in during elementary school years, in Syracuse NY. It figures that it’s the most popular ornamental spruce, as the other plants in the yard were also typical – lilacs, peonies, maples – and as a result, each of these plants strikes a chord for me. Very nice write-up, thanks!

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