9 responses to “Penstemon palmeri var. palmeri”

  1. Bonnie

    I could swear I’ve seen this. But where?

    1. Mark Egger

      Several other species of Penstemon, such as P. grinellii from southern California, look very similar to P. palmeri

  2. Eric Blood axe

    let’s hope it isn’t another broom.

  3. Susan Geer

    It is possible to see it growing naturalized in Oregon. We have seen it in a few places on the Oregon side of Hell’s Canyon NRA.

  4. Mary Beth Borchardt

    Just wanted to thank you again for giving me a happy email everyday to open, as I love flowers and plants too.

  5. Stephen Meyers

    This article provides an excellent example of the shortcomings of data aggregators such as USDA Plants. Since at least 2012, we at the Oregon Flora Project has been mapping, both observations and herbarium records, of Penstemon palmeri var. palmeri on our online Oregon Plant Atlas.
    While I applaud USDA Plants for attempting to undertake the monumental task of cataloging and mapping all taxa present in the United States, the most accurate and up to data is most often compiled and made available by regional organizations, such as the Oregon Flora Project.
    In future endeavors, I would highly advise parties interested in serious and current data concerning Oregon taxa, to visit http://www.oregonflora.org

    Stephen Meyers
    Taxonomic Director
    Oregon Flora Project

  6. Mark Darrach

    To add to Susan’s post, you will find P. palmeri in far SE Oregon as well near Rome and Jordan Valley – again…along roadsides

  7. joe cernac

    Within California, it is restricted to the eastern desert, and there, it’s largely on limestone. Perhaps oregon lacks limestone in its dry desert areas.

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