11 responses to “Grassy Point Flower Medley”

  1. Anna

    Lovely photos despite the hurry. The first makes me wonder if Jackson Pollack is any relation : )

    1. Sue Frisch


  2. Harry Hill

    Thanks, Daniel. I love the diversity of spring ephemerals at that site. Your photo reminded me of the English plantain that was mixed in with the native wildflowers there (you can see its bullet-like flower heads toward the back). I usually don’t like to see that weed but somehow it looked natural there and added to the appeal of Grassy Point.

  3. R Parker

    Wonderful patch of spring! What is the white flower, do you think? I see Rumex, plantain, and larkspur, maybe (?) yellow alyssum. The first photo is reminiscent of holding a paper-weight too close. Fun!

  4. Therese Romer

    So lovely !! Thank you Daniel.

  5. DrBob

    Here in California, livestock operators speak of “flower years” and “grass years”. Flower years happen when the fall rains begin relatively late in the fall, after temperatures have dropped. This weather pattern favors native herbs and forbs. Grass years happen when rains begin to fall early (this year, in September) before temperatures drop: this weather pattern favors the naturalized grasses over the native forbs – and it makes the cattlemen smile.

  6. Ilze Choi

    A field of wildflowers is a heavenly sight. Did the killdeer protecting a nest? I was in a birdwatching tour in Alaska many years ago when we came across a killdeer who went through all kinds of acrobatic gyrations to persuade us it was injured, trying to lure us away from its nest. My memory may be mistaken about what bird it was but it was astonishing a bird would build its nest on the ground. I felt uncomfortable for us to be standing too long watching the performance while the bird must be exhausted.

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