16 responses to “Erythronium revolutum”

  1. Terry-Anya Hayes

    What on earth is revolting about this sweet little lily?

  2. Terry-Anya Hayes

    Argh! Rereading . . . . OK, so what is revolutionary?

  3. Claire Bullaro

    “revolutum” means rolled or rolled back. Perhaps meaning how the petals curl slightly.

  4. Eric Lieberman

    Hi Daniel!

    I am so happy you are back! Previously, we had the ability to move back and forth between other posts on different days. I love receiving your email, but if I miss a few days, it is a bit cumbersome to go back to each email to click on the link to view the next plant. Are there any plans to bring back the feature that allows us to view previous posts without going back to the emails?

    Thank you for all you do!

    Eric at NYBG

  5. Elisa

    Lovely photo

  6. Jeanne Erdahl

    I am in agreement about showing the plant in its habitat as opposed to/in addition to the close-up view. Thank you!

  7. Quin Ellis

    Erythronium is a wonderful genus and this lovely is as nice, or nicer, than any of her relatives! Just magnifico!

    Thank you Daniel!

    Love your discovery of its true specific epithet Terry-Anya! No offense intended, let’s just have some fun, behold its beauty……

  8. Trella Hastings

    Oh, I really like this little beauty! It would be nice to see two views of flowers when available. In it’s natural habitat if there is only one choice, so we can see the whole plant, would be the preference.
    ~Trella Hastings

  9. Charles Thirkill

    Always a great picture. Terrific service. Thanks.

  10. Alphabetjohn

    Well, I think it’s competition-worthy. What a tender little plant! I appreciate the links to the earlier posts, too, and I would be hard put to choose between the close-ups and today’s photo. Keep ’em coming!

  11. ed hessler

    My preference is plant in its habitat when possible.

    Regardless, I am a fan of this site and service. It is a daily pleasure.

    I’m grateful for the written comments as well.


  12. Daryl Thompson

    Love the Kindbergia!

  13. Anna

    I’m a little behind on my email… Your photo is lovely. It reminds me of photos we took just a few weeks ago, while visiting Potholes Provincial Park near Sooke during the Easter long weekend. The numerous clumps of cream-coloured Erythronium on the mossy river banks were just starting to open, as I think the Erythronium are, like everything around here, a little late this year due to the long winter. What are the cream-coloured ones called? I’ve hypothesized that they are Oregonum, but the photos I’ve seen always seem whiter than the local Erythronium.

  14. Lynn Wohlers

    This image is quintessential Pacific Northwest, with that cool, diffuse light, all the raindrops, and the moss (and the flower!). It IS good to have photos in context, though as you know, I personally like to take (and view) all types of flower images…and I’ve had a good time taking pictures of this species this year!

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